Some buyers need to evaluate the price of cast steel parts. The following table lists the prices per pound, per kilogram and per ton for common carbon steel castings produced by SIPX Foundry. We hope this will help purchasers to make a general assessment of carbon steel, such as low-carbon steel, medium-carbon steel and high-carbon steel castings.

The following cast steel prices were updated by the 19th. May 2022, SIPX Foundry.

Casting Complexity & Requirement Casting Unit Weight
(LB, KG)
Cast Steel Price
Cast Steel Price
Cast Steel Price
Casting has a complex design, or
requires good surface quality
 1.0 – 2.0 lb (0.5 – 1.0 kg) 1.37 3.02 3022
 2.0 – 110 lb (1.0 – 50.0 kg) 1.30 2.87 2874
Casting has a simple design, or
requires normal surface quality
 2.0 – 20.0 lb (1.0-10.0 kg) 0.93 2.06 2059
 20.0 – 2200 lb (10.0-1000 kg) 0.87 1.91 1911

Complex design, good surface quality – meaning that your casting parts have an intricate design, complex inside or outside shapes, which means the steel foundry needs to use water glass investment casting process. This casting process also could make good surface quality. Refer to

Simple design, normal surface quality – meaning that your casting parts have simple or normal complexity, the outside and inside shapes are not complex. Moreover, you do not have high requirements to surface quality, such as surface smoothness and defects. The steel foundry could use sand casting process to produce it.

It is difficult to estimate the price of casting with unit weight of less than 0.5kg.

The above prices are just EXW prices in China steel foundries. Do not include further machining, painting, packing and delivery costs.

Please notice that the above prices are only for carbon steel materials, such as mild steel, medium steel and high steel. Can not be used for evaluating alloy steel castings. As for alloy steel castings, or more accurate price calculations, please check with us.

If you want to calculate the cast iron casting prices, please refer to “Prices Cast Iron per lb, kg and ton“.