stainless steel casting shot blasting surface

Shot Blasting

The most widely used surface treatment method is used to clean, strengthen (peen) or polish the surface of stainless steel castings. Low cost.

stainless steel casting mirror polishing

Mirror Polishing

The brightest surface polishing way can achieve a very smooth and shining surface like a mirror. Only suitable for outside areas of stainless steel castings.

stainless steel casting electropolishing


Electropolishing is usually used to remove surface tiny burrs and improve the brightness and the corrosion resistance of stainless steel castings.

stainless steel casting pickling & passivation

Pickling & Passivation

Pickling is a chemical treatment way to eliminate surface dirt like oxide skin, rust, welding spots, etc. And passivation is a process that forms a new abundant chromium protective layer, thus improving the anti-oxidation ability of stainless steel castings.

stainless steel casting PVD Coating

PVD Coating

PVD coating is a surface finish way to color stainless steel castings. After finished castings, the casting parts are better to mirror polished or electropolished. There are various colors for stainless steel castings. Such as gold, rose gold, etc.

stainless steel casting Vibratory Polishing

Vibratory Polishing

Used to burnish, deburr, descale, clean, and brighten stainless steel castings. The surface looks smooth and a bit shining, but with less brightness than a mirror-polished surface. Compare to other deburring methods, Vibratory Polishing can ​prevent stainless steel castings from being bent or distorted.