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About SIPX

Sipx casting, also called BSJ precision casting foundry, was founded in 2005. We used to be a stamping factory at the beginning located in Chongqing, China. For decades, through continuous investment in equipment, now Si[x is  an leading machining company and casting foundry, which helps customers achieve their requirements from design to mass production.

We have invested a lot quality and production environments. In 2015, We passed the quality system review of SGS Company and got the first “ISO9001:2015” certificate. 

Our manufacturing process also ensures that each and every one of our customers receives a comprehensive solution for any need they may have. This includes complex and precision parts, like optical parts, automotive parts, medical devices or aerospace parts.No matter how complicated your project may be, we can produce what you need.


We solve problems

We work with our customers to create custom parts, and we relentlessly pursue purposeful innovation to save money through our low-volume manufacturing process.



If you need a prototype or bulk production of well-developed parts, there is no better supplier than SIPX. We have lots of casting equipment and sophisticated testing equipment, enough to deal with any complex or tight tolerance products.


Top project management

With many years of processing and production experience, an experienced and enthusiastic communication service team, timely response and quickly manufacturing services, there is no doubt that we are your best partner.

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SIPX offers a range of solutions to help you develop effective prototypes and scale up to production parts. Make custom parts on demand using over 70 materials and 15 processes.

We have also invested in testing equipment, so that we can verify the quality of each parts we produce. And we can quickly get measurement results from our automotive coordinate measuring machine.